There are so many products, from simple passive and active discrete, power transmission and management, to integrated circuits and assemblies. New applications are invented and developed every day. New products need new solutions to measure and verify their performance.

Our engineers combine standard methods, equipment resources, manufacturer specifications, and a lot of experimentation to develop innovative solutions to answer the questions you need to know.

Electrical Component Testing

All types of devices have different functions, so they need to be tested differently. And there are different levels of testing. To compound the confusion, different companies use different terminology and sometimes, unfortunately, with the intention to baffle would-be buyers into simple testing with impressive sounding names and acronyms only to find out too late that meant two pins being tested with an uncalibrated handheld hobby multimeter.

White Horse is completely transparent from the initial consultation and quotation about exactly what the test method and plan should be. The key is to be precise in communication as well as in the test and reporting. It takes a fully equipped lab to be able to test for parametric performance, functionality, and all the way up to temperature range and switching characteristics (speed). And that’s how you really identify quality problems. Basic testing is often times too basic.

  • MIL-STD-202
  • MIL-STD-750
  • MIL-STD-883
  • Group A, Subgroups 1-12
  • EIA-198-2E
  • Up-screening

Independent Failure Analysis

From the machine to the board assembly to a specific component. Failure analysis is a progressive analysis to find the failure mode, the failure method, and then what caused that failure to occur (the failure mechanism). At the component level, while less than 1% of lots shipped by OCM and Authorized Distributors result in RMA, that is still a lot of shipments each month. The average lead-time for an OCM failure analysis is 3-4 weeks, including shipping. Can you, or your customer, wait that long to know your next course of action?

If the component came without traceability, the OCM will not support. Then where do you go? If you turn to the supplier to provide a failure analysis, can you trust that they will go the extra mile to get the answer you need, or will they be tempted to provide the one that is convenient for them?

White Horse boasts an expert engineering team with a complete arsenal of analysis equipment at their disposal. Go beyond generic EOS to get to the correct failure mode and mechanism.

Explore our full failure analysis service profile

  • External Visual Inspection
  • Parametric and Functional Test
  • Curve Trace
  • X-ray Analysis
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (TSAM and CSAM)
  • Decapsulation and Die Analysis
  • Cross-Section
  • High Magnification Microscopy
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDX/EDS)
  • Liquid Crystal (Hotspot) Testing
  • FTIR

Counterfeit Component Detection

We are the Chip Police! Since 2004, White Horse has been fighting the battle against counterfeit electronic components not just at the front line, but at Ground Zero. The first counterfeit detection company operating in China, before the standards were even written. We helped write the standards, have the most experienced Engineering and Customer Support teams, and the most extensive lab capabilities. Who are you going to trust?

Comprehensive analysis is required to distinguish authentic product from counterfeit and substandard ones. A look at our MLCC service package or the service profile for Active Discretes will tell you that it needs more than just a simple test.

Our fully equipped laboratory and expert engineering team provides:

    • Documentation and Packaging Inspection (DPI)
    • General Inspection and Sampling (GIS)
    • External Visual Inspection (EVI)
    • Remarking and Resurfacing Tests (MPT and RTS)
    • X-ray Florescence (XRF) Material Analysis
    • X-ray Analysis
    • Solderability Testing
    • Heated Chemical Testing (HCT)
    • Decapsulation and Die Analysis
    • Comprehensive Electrical Testing Capabilities
    • Complete Engineering Analysis
    • Extensive Database

Just spotted in the lab:

  • AS5553
  • AS6081
  • AS6171
  • IDEA-STD-1010B
  • CCAP-101

Lifecycle and Reliability Testing

Sure, they work today. But will they still be working next week? Companies may have no feasible option other than to use refurbished product for obsolete parts, so will older parts still work? New designs need to be tested to make sure they meet their intended performance. Products need to be stressed to see what conditions they can handle.

    • Solderability Testing
    • Burn-in
    • Temperature and Humidity Exposure
    • Salt spray
    • Thermal Shock
    • Temperature Cycle
    • Vibration
    • Drop Test

Quality Standards and Certifications

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