Solderability testing

Prevent expensive rework of defective, already assembled assemblies. Solderability testing determines the success rate of soldering processes prior to actual PCB production.

Prevent assembly problems and storage difficulties

Solderability testing is one of the essential test methods for integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. The solderability of your components determines potential IC or PCB failures and the overall quality of your product.

Solderability tests are used to determine the wettability of the connections and their connectivity. They also provide information about their heat resistance and shelf life.

White Horse Laboratories' approach follows the IPC standard for solderability testing to ensure accurate test results. Components under test undergo a comprehensive process from preconditioning to actual testing, evaluation and reporting. The entire control process is based on the AS6081 protocol and the J-STD-002D standard.

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Testing is recommended on product with date codes above 1-2 years+, compromised packaging or contamination observed during EVI

Solderability testing methods

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: When checking the samples, three pieces are usually selected. One without impurities, one heavily contaminated and one with medium values (visual inspection). In a solderability-only inspection, the type of contamination is not determined , and either FTIR or XRF are available as test methods for this purpose (links to glossary).

The samples are handled with the utmost care to ensure that the original condition is not compromised and does not falsify the results of the test. Pre-conditioning is done with ionized water and inert nitrogen to avoid contaminating the samples. We use a laboratory-certified reflow simulation oven, as well as systems automated according to current standards for dispersing solder paste and measuring height, immersion and testing solder flow, and testing the edge.

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The benefits of solderability testing at a glance

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