From the beginning on, we continuously invested in new equipment and the expansion of our capabilities. Through a logical progression of what we do in the lab to additional services outside of the lab requested by customers, we evolved from a specialized anti-counterfeit lab into a vertically integrated quality assurance company for the electronics industry. Today we offer our customers integrated solutions from one single source:


The heart and soul of White Horse Laboratories is the lab. Our 12,000sqft primary lab facility has 65 full-time employees on two shifts armed with a wide range of test and measurement instruments for mechanical and electrical testing. Our range of equipment and engineering expertise gives us robust capabilities in counterfeit detection, product verification, failure analysis, lifecycle and reliability testing, and programming.


When you are purchasing from a supplier, we want to receive all the parts you are buying. That way when we pull samples, we know the samples are representative of the entire lot. When testing is complete, we want to ship the parts to the buyer rather than return them to the supplier, which would open the potential that they ship you something we hadn’t tested. We call that Chain of Custody.

Obviously, we need to repackage the parts when we complete testing. All product stored and handled in our ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 certified facility is repackaged according to EIA and JEDEC standards. Our objective is to deliver product ready to be used.

Customers love this value-added service and asked if we could extend the same services to product that comes from a reliable source with traceability that don’t need to be tested. A company in North America doesn’t want to ship the product from a source in Asia to North America to then re-ship back to a customer in Asia. That only adds cost and extends delivery time to customer. We have an expertly run logistics facility in Hong Kong so you can extend your global footprint through us rather than bearing the overhead and management resources to try and run your own.


What about product that’s at a factory and will not go to the lab? What if you need to evaluate the company as well as the product? Our analysis capabilities extend far beyond the walls of our facilities and into the factories of your suppliers and contractors. Our IPC-600 (PCB), IPC-610 (PCBA), IPC-620 (cable and wire harness assemblies), ISO9001, ISO17025 and Social Compliance certified auditors are experts in their fields. These are the people you want evaluating your suppliers and contractors.


“Our buyers don’t know components from donuts.” This was professed to me by the CEO of a prominent electronic component independent distributor. Buyers contact us to test an item but don’t know enough about the item to know what to test. Buyers reject product that is in good condition without understanding the terminology in the report. Companies don’t now which standards to follow, or how to follow them. We go to great lengths to make the resources available for your team to be experts in their field.


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