Service Agreement with GTE

This letter hereby confirms that White Horse Laboratories supports GreenTree Electronic Ltd.’s procurement and Supply Chain Management commitments to their clients since January 2019.

GreenTree‘s senior management has established quality control protocols utilizing White Horse’s Laboratories’ product verification services, and reviews our laboratory results so GreenTree can communicate clearly with their clients to make thoroughly informed accept/reject decisions prior to product shipment.

Those protocols include and are not limited to Documentation & Packaging Inspection, General Inspection & Sampling, External Visual Inspection and Electrical Testing to determine the condition and functionality of the deliveries. Other laboratory processes are applied for further verification when necessary.

We applaud and support GreenTree‘s efforts and commitment to quality and communication, and we are happy to verify their policy statement through this link, and directly if required.

With best regards,

Mark A. Rinehart
Managing Director
White Horse Laboratories