White Horse has built a comprehensive and exhaustive training program followed by everyone in the company, in every facility. This starts with orientation and doesn’t end, as the process of continuous improvement never ends. All new employees serve an introductory period and are only promoted to a permanent position when they have completed the qualification examinations and evaluations for their primary position.

Technicians are what we call a Level 1 position. All technicians must pass the appropriate training and evaluations to be permitted to complete processes on their own. As they gain experience, all are encouraged to participate in our Cross-Training program to master all the workstations in our laboratory facilities.

Administrative positions including Sales and Quality Control have the same orientation requirements to understand core requirements of the lab and any electronics company, such as ESD controls and handling. They then have unique training programs for their position which, combined with their personal skill sets and interests can establish their career path from Customer Service to Sales and on to Account Management.

The fundamental structure of this comprehensive training program was designed by professional educator for how any educational session should be structured to maximize and verify retention. Many of these same courses are now available through webinars and our training portal and are overseen by our Training and Development Manager.

How we Manage Quality

Any good system must be robust. Ours certainly covers that, which can be seen by the depth of analysis in the simplest report and the degree of complexity of all the possibilities and potential interferences in an environment which maintains chain of custody. Even after complete training, process controls need to be maintained to be effective.

Process checklists are matched to international and internal methods and standards. These are reviewed periodically and when alerts are provided for revision changes to those standards. Checklist entries are input directly into our system, which also controls who can access the checklists for each process.

This entirely internally developed system, which is named Pegasus, then populates the basic report for review and analysis by the controlling engineer, a Level 2 position. The completed report must then be approved by a Senior Engineer, a Level 3 position, which requires a daunting 10 years’ experience and completion of our internal certification program.

If at any point an engineer or technician has a question about a result or the test plan entered by Sales, they can reject the process and return it to the prior stage. Sales then has the right to review reports to make sure the customer requirements were met before the report can be issued.

Pegasus also maintains revision control, so anytime an additional process is added, it is recorded in the revision history shown on the last page of the report. For example, we inspect samples and found some of those samples are damaged. A report is issued showing the nonconformance and if the customer requests a complete sort to remove any defective samples, a second report would be issued with the results of the sort, how many devices were received and how many of those were removed from sorting.

Getting Started

But all of that starts with you. From your first inquiry, we will walk you through the entire process of which tests and sample sizes are recommended depending on the type of device, or incorporate your established protocol and determine a set price and standard operating procedure (SOP) which we then include in Pegasus as a work instruction (WI).

Every quotation is thorough and detailed, and particularly electrical test is very clearly defined for exactly what parameters and functions are included with the test plan. We do not attempt to baffle you in a cloud of terminology and acronyms only for you to find out you had been quoted a very fancy way of saying “simple” test. We’re the good guys, and it starts with absolute transparency.

We will explain to you where best to deliver the samples, how the logistics should be managed, and will even work with your supplier to make sure they get it to the right facility. We confirm the details of every order to the quotation, and then match the listed supplier delivery to your purchase order specifications. If they ship the wrong part, we stop there and don’t even need to do the inspection.

Then the report is issued, we will make recommendations to you based upon the observations and type of part to determine where you might have risk and how to verify those questions. We can add additional testing, ship, or return to your vendor based upon your disposition – this can include problems with packaging, bent contaminated leads or contacts, and exposure. Don’t take chances with the facts, but the ultimate decision is up to you. Our objective is to have good quality product delivered to manufacturing ready to use. Anything less just isn’t good business, for anyone.

Product Verification at White Horse


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