White Horse is proud of our tremendous family of over 65 dedicated professionals. We hold personal integrity and drive in highest regard and this shows in the level of commitment of our entire family, from Engineers and Technicians to Account Management and Customer Service to Training, Development, and Administration. With our core values, it takes the right mix of character and capability to be a member of the White Horse family.


Our team boasts 10 engineers in Electrical Test, Product Analysis, Failure Analysis and Information Technologies. Blessed with continuity, three Engineers have been with White Horse for more than 10 years! All are degreed engineers with a minimum of 5 years practical experience, with the senior test engineering team having over 15 years each.

Senior engineers must have 10 years of applied experience and complete a rigid and broad profile internal certification program combined with external training.

Engineers are required to have 5 years of experience and pass a lengthy examination and internal certification program to be permitted to draft test plans and analysis reports with conclusions and recommendations. All reports are reviewed by a Senior Engineer for approval before releasing to the customer.

Niel Colico

Lab Manager

niel@whitehorselabs.com+86 (755) 8374-1887

Aili Zhu

Senior Account Manager

aili@whitehorselabs.com+86 (755) 8374-1887Aili Zhu


Our sales and support team is multilingual, with a thorough understanding of industry standards and test profiles for different types of devices. Our thorough training and development program ensures they make recommendations from various observations found during the test process so you can effectively manage your risk and make the right decisions.

Account Management

  • Aili Zhu
  • Elissa Wang
  • Rory Peng

Sales and Business Development

  • Scarlett Guo
  • Will Shi
  • Teh Woi Tan
  • Monica He

Customer Service

  • Andy Xu
  • Rebecca Huang
  • Given Gui
  • Jenny Jin


  • Jinfen Chen – Team Leader, IPC-600/610/620, ISO 9001, Social Compliance
  • Chen Qiong – ISO9001, ISO 17025, FMEA, 8D
  • Bob Chen – ISO9001, ISO 17025
  • Xiao Ying Yang – ISO 9001, Social Compliance
  • Sun Leidong – ESD
  • Tingting Chen – ISO 9001
  • Alfred Hu – IPC-610
  • Wang Shan
  • Ricardo Arbois – Data and System Security
  • Rayne Yang – ESD Testing

Jinfen Chen

Team Leader

zhuhai@whitehorse-intl.com+86 18820872750LinkedIn Profile Jinfen

Mark A. Rinehart

Founder and Managing Director

MailLinkedIn Profile Mark


  • Mark A. Rinehart – Founder and Managing Director
  • Dr. David Campbell – Director (Risk Management)
  • Stephen Griffiths – Director (Finance and Business Development)
  • Xiao Ying Yang – Human Resources, Development, and Administration
  • Amy Wan – Accounting & Finance
  • Jenny Huang – Hong Kong Facility Supervisor


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