May 2023 Quality Report

Every month, White Horse Laboratories provides you with the most recent and relevant data from our labs. We strive to keep you informed about the types of chips we inspect, their manufacturers, and the various reasons that cause device failures.


In May 2023, our testing of electronic components revealed a significant trend. MOSFETs made up more than 10% of the components tested, followed closely by Diode rectifiers and MCUs. Interestingly, these three components held the same top spots in our April data.



We observed that Amplifiers, FPGAs, and regulator products continue to dominate the market, reflecting their substantial demand. Additionally, Capacitors, switches, IGBTs, and transceivers consistently form the bulk of the products we test at White Horse Labs.


In terms of brands, our testing essentially covers the gamut of the market. In May, the brands we tested most frequently were Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, and Infineon.



Remarkably, the sum of products from these three major manufacturers made up over a third of all products tested throughout the month. Other notable brands included Analog Devices, STMicroelectronics, Microchip Technology, NXP Semiconductors, and Xilinx.


Turning to the issue of product failure, more than half of the electronic components that failed our tests in May did so because they did not meet our rigorous functional inspection standards. This category, which focuses on electrical tests, accounted for more than half of all failures. Additionally, we found that 35.5% of the components failed due to being refurbished, reprinted, re-plated, or re-tinned. We also discovered counterfeits or suspected counterfeits, which made up 8.7% of the failures.



It's important to note that some electronic components exhibited multiple issues simultaneously. For example, a refurbished component might fail an electrical performance test, or a counterfeit might be found to have been reprinted. Whether it's counterfeit or refurbished, these failures represent a risk that could affect the component's future performance.


At White Horse Laboratories, we believe in the value of preemptive action. Our mission is to uncover these issues early, assisting our clients in preventing risky electronic components from entering their supply chains and mitigating potential losses.


As part of our commitment to transparency and customer service, we routinely provide a list of counterfeit (or suspected counterfeit) model numbers. This information is intended as a reference, to help you stay vigilant and informed.



We hope our latest quality report from White Horse Laboratories has been insightful and useful. Stay connected with us to keep abreast of the latest developments, interesting case studies, and industry news. We're here to help you navigate the electronic components landscape more efficiently and effectively.

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