Introducing Our Fully Upgraded Hong Kong Laboratory

At White Horse Laboratories, we're proud to announce that our Hong Kong facility, where we initially set roots in 2004, has recently undergone a significant upgrade. We strategically chose Hong Kong as our base, leveraging its status as an international logistics hub, which has enabled us to work seamlessly with our Shenzhen counterpart. For nearly two decades, we've been committed to delivering top-quality independent inspection, testing, and logistics services to our global clientele.


Recognizing the growing global demand for local testing services, we've expanded our operations since 2021 by establishing comprehensive independent labs in Cleveland, USA, and Singapore. This commitment to a “global procurement, local testing” model ensures a smooth and efficient testing process for all our customers.


Despite the robust support from our Shenzhen laboratory, our Hong Kong center's strategic location led to a surge in customer testing service requests. To better meet these needs, we embarked on an extensive upgrade project in January 2023.


Our Hong Kong center is now a fully equipped, independent third-party laboratory, offering a wide range of inspection and testing capabilities. We have meticulously transformed the space, upgraded equipment, expanded our team, and conducted comprehensive technical talent training.


We're excited to invite you to our new and improved White Horse Hong Kong Lab, located at:

Room A, 10th Floor

WOFOO Building

204-210 Texaco Road

Tsuen Wan

Hong Kong


You can reach us at:

00 852-2614-2322



Our expanded Hong Kong lab now offers a plethora of services, including


  • EVI visual inspection
  • XRF analysis
  • X-ray analysis
  • Solderability testing
  • HCT testing
  • Anatomical analysis
  • Retaping


Moreover, we continue to serve as a vital logistics hub, enhancing our appeal to global customers. For clients with goods outside Hong Kong or mainland China, we highly recommend taking advantage of local testing and shipping in Hong Kong to save on tariffs and transportation costs.


We look forward to welcoming you to our upgraded Hong Kong Lab, where you can witness firsthand our enhanced capabilities and comprehensive services.

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