Buyers need more than just electronic parts. They need security.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our experts verify the quality of electronic components right at the source.

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Our certified auditors and inspectors subject the manufacturing processes of suppliers and contractors to critical review.

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As a 3PL provider specializing in electronics, we take care of the proper packaging and cost-effective shipping of your products.

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Expertise can make or break the security and efficiency of a supply chain. We share our knowledge in seminars and workshops.

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Factory auditing helps to secure the supply chain before production has started. We qualify suppliers by assessing their capabilities and reliability, as well as compliance with industry standards.

Backed by access to our test lab ressources, our factory audits identify potential risks that could prevent suppliers from meeting your requirements. Our assessment summarizes for you all the necessary information about the qualifications, operating process and performance of a factory's products. This allows you to make decisions with the right information.

20 years of in-depth expertise in electronics
  • 5 Laboratories
  • 100+ Technicians and Engineers
  • 10+ Certified Auditors

We know the standards of the industry and examine every detail. It's in our company DNA.

With years of experience, our audits are an in-depth investigation process. With the appropriate measures, we identify the major problems and limit your risks from the very beginning.

20 years of in-depth expertise in electronics
Quality is incorruptible
Quality is incorruptible

Integrity is a bedrock value. It sets us apart from many other companies.

You can rest assured that every audit report prepared by White Horse is 100% impartial and neutral.

Qualified auditing and inspection experts

White Horse has an excellent quality assurance team that includes certified factory auditors and inspectors.

IPC-A-600 (PCB) Inspector
IPC-A-610 (PCBA) Inspector
IPC-A-620 (Cable and Wire Harness) Inspector
ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor
FDA 21 CFR 820 (QSR) Auditor
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
A process that sets us apart from others

Our certified auditors and inspectors diligently manage the entire audit process from proposal preparation to immediate reporting.

In addition, they have access to our high-tech testing laboratory and extended testing team as needed to eliminate potential product quality risks from the outset.

A process that sets us apart from others
We can even do more than electronics
We can even do more than electronics

We offer our factory auditing service for the production of textiles, metals, household goods, kitchen appliances, etc., in addition to the electronics industry. Contact us to determine your specific needs.

Tailor-made solutions

White Horse designs a specific audit solution according to your flexible inspection and standards requirements, and then conducts on-site audits and assessments of your suppliers. We design auditing solutions for your specific inspection requirements and standards. We act as your extended arm on site and put suppliers through their paces.

Factory / Supplier Qualification Auditing
Factory / Supplier Annual Quality Auditing
Factory / Supplier cGMP Auditing
Social Compliance Auditing
IPC – Incoming Quality Control
IPQC - In-process Quality Control
ESDT - ESD Testing
CLS - Container Loading Supervision
CAL - Corrective Action Implementation
II - Incoming Inspection
FAI - First Article Inspection
SI - Semi-FG Inspection
PSI - Pre-shipment Inspection
IMC - Inventory Material Counting