April 2023 Quality Report

In our March Quality Report, it has been revealed that diode testing has witnessed a significant increase, with Texas Instruments (TI) reclaiming the center stage. This April Quality Report highlights the key findings and sheds light on the rising concern of counterfeit products in the industry.


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Key Findings:


  • Diodes have surpassed MCU microcontrollers and FPGAs to become the second most tested electronic component type after MOSFETs
  • White Horse Labs' testing data for April shows a notable surge in diode testing, while MCU microcontroller testing has declined



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Diodes, widely used in various electronic circuits, offer functionalities such as rectification, modulation signal detection, amplitude limiting, clamping, and voltage stabilization



  • Texas Instruments has regained its position as a leading brand, followed by Analog Devices, after Infineon's temporary reign
  • Murata, a Japanese brand known for ceramic passive electronic components, occasionally enters the rankings and deserves attention



As the electronics industry experiences shifts in testing trends and brand dominance, it becomes crucial for professionals to stay informed about emerging patterns. Counterfeit products remain a persistent challenge, emphasizing the need for vigilance in procurement. By leveraging comprehensive data reports, professionals can make informed decisions and ensure the integrity of their electronic components.

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