From the design phase to new product introduction, manufacturing, and then obsolescence management, risk circles around your product and your company. Design flaws, weak components, substandard workmanship, and unforeseen conditions need to be exposed by extensive lifecycle and reliability testing in the design process. Substandard and counterfeit components can find their way into your supply chain and destroy your product and reputation. Contractors or remote manufacturing facilities may not be upholding the same quality standards, or even schedule, that you demand. Component manufacturers (OCM) discontinue items and make them obsolete, leaving you to either redesign your product or find new sources for diminishing stock. Under-trained employees can unwittingly walk you into problems. Risk circles. White Horse protects. We’re here for you.

The White Horse Legend is Alive

Many cultures have a white horse figure within their mythology and traditional beliefs. The white horse has consistently been a figure for strength and nobility, transporting people from danger to safety. It is from this belief that we adopted the name White Horse for our company when we opened in 2004.

In 2004, component trading companies came to us, reporting a 20% customer return rate on product sourced without traceability. We found up to 80% of those supplier deliveries were counterfeit or substandard. People simply were not checking adequately prior to shipment to their customer, and the companies pushing that product knew it. No one knew who to trust. White Horse provides that trust. We’re the good guys.

Who is White Horse?

White Horse was founded in 2004 by Mark A. Rinehart to directly combat the growing global proliferation of substandard and counterfeit electronics components. White Horse established testing, inspection, packaging, and logistics services where no company like it previously existed, at the primary source of supply, to foreign and domestic distributors alike. White Horse set the standard for transparency, clarity, and customer service and redefined the industry.

In 2004, there were no international standards for the detection of counterfeit electronics. Mr. Rinehart utilized his EMS and OCM experience and developed inspection methods and the methodology that targeted the evidence of tampering of authentic product and the subtleties of counterfeit and refurbished product. Those methods were incorporated into the IDEA-STD-1010B inspection and the AS6171 counterfeit electronic components standards. Where standards don’t exist, we help to write them.

From 2007, during the escalating global concerns following the wave of recalls and returns that erupted throughout the year, White Horse Laboratories moved beyond electronic components only and began providing quality assurance solutions for complete electronic assemblies and other manufactured products. Our services evolved to include Failure Analysis, Lifecycle and Reliability Testing, Programming, and Factory Auditing from components and PCB to PCBA assemblies and finished goods.

Today, White Horse Laboratories is ISO 9001:2015 and ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 certified with a family of more than 65 dedicated professionals with six locations on two continents. White Horse continually raises the bar of customer expectations by not only providing outstanding testing and quality control services, but in educating the industry on standards, processes, terminology, and effective practices for risk management.

Our Unique Location is your Strategic Advantage

Why would an American-owned company establish its operation outside of the United States, and specifically in Shenzhen, China? The most logical approach to a supply chain problem is to fight the problem at the source of supply.

In 2004, we were all just starting to wake up to the realization that counterfeit and fraudulent product had deeply infiltrated our supply chains. Shenzhen is the hub of China’s electronics markets, and Huaqiang Bei was the epicenter of that activity. To take on a challenge, where better to do it than head-on?

Being the anti-counterfeit company in a sea of counterfeiting activity posed its own very tangible security problems, but like any challenge we faced it head on. Suppliers would try to influence and intimidate to alter report results. Our ethical foundation held true, and our reputation grew.

Highest Standards of Quality

Our test reports and even quotations exude clarity. We don’t hide behind acronyms intended to confound buyers by masking a lower-standard service with murky terminology. Our Account Management and Customer Service teams painstakingly get you into the right service profile for your product and risk level. Every detailed and thorough report includes recommendations when potential risks are identified.

Our lab facilities boast an experienced team of engineers and highly-trained technicians. We utilize IPC, JEDEC, EIA, and MIL-STD test methods bolstered by internal studies and experimentation. Standards become outdated as technologies used to mask counterfeit and substandard electronics evolve faster than the documentation.

White Horse proudly boasts test and measurement instruments from leading manufacturers such as Keysight (Agilent), Tektronix, Keithley, ThermalStream, and Keyence. All equipment is kept in top working order with a strictly managed maintenance and calibration program.

There is only one way to do a job. The right way. Which means arming the best people with the best equipment, tools, and systems to do the job and unwavering report integrity. That is the White Horse commitment to quality.


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