One of the key elements in developing a successful and productive organization is the depth of knowledge of the team. Add efficient systems and a well-balanced team, and you have the recipe for a customer-pleasing, professional organization. Imagine those discussions when the customer is speaking a different language, but it’s your mother tongue. That is a recipe for frustrated team members and a short-lived organization.

White Horse offers a range of training courses, which can be conducted at our training center or your location, to get your team up-to-date on industry quality standards, procedures, processes, materials, equipment, team building, system implementation, and a range of other subjects. We live this industry, day in and day out. Every day we learn and grow more. Infuse that knowledge into your organization and see the transformation begin.

In 2013, White Horse will be hosting a series of workshops in on topics affecting our industry. These workshops are provided free-of-cost and include presentations on the overall topic and open-forum discussions following the main presentation. The first workshop was conducted on January 21, 2013 and included participants from AmericaII, Smith & Associates, Converge, AdvancedMP, and Rotacorn. Main presentations can be viewed but not downloaded using the below links.

January 21, 2013, Huaqiang Square Hotel, Industry Standards & Terminology