Electrical Testing

White Horse specializes in the low lead-time and high-mix component testing requirements of your business. We test analog, power, passive, discrete, digital, mixed-signal, logic, memory, high frequency, processors, controllers, and more. Our test engineers, modern test equipment, and advanced test processes utlizing both ATE and bench-testing methodologies provide testing coverage for a wide range of devices. A detailed, professional report is included with each test project.

Our testing services range from OCM production-level 100% parametric testing to custom functional platforms and processes for specific device families. There are as many types of test as there are types of components – all of them are unique and do not apply to other  devices.

With every inquiry, we will confirm the level of testing available without the lead-times and costs with which you have become familiar from other testing services. Do not be baffled or mislead by terminology. Ask what your lab is going to do and ask the end-user that they need.

Refer to our links for detailed explanations on the different test methods for different types of components. All electrical testing methods can be supplemented by burn-in testing (advanced aging to validate the longevity of the device), high-side temperature range (commercial vs. industrial vs. military compliance), and our mechanical/visual inspection services.