Production Monitoring

A step beyond on-site inspecting is actually getting directly involved in the production process at the manaufacturer, from conforming necessary materials are ordered to production orders being scheduled, to production being on scheduled and work floor controls are in place. The objective is to have your own production leader onsite at the manufacturer to ensure your project is on schedule.

Our on-site teams consist of trained inspectors for quality control and experienced manufacturing personnel for production planning, scheduling, and supervision. We assist and train manufacturers and make them better.

  • Pass/Fail test & Accept/Reject inspection criteria
  • Accurate and repeatable Work Instructions
  • Design and document efficient process flow
  • Detailed material specifications
  • ESD Control Program
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Status and continuous improvement reports

How must control we have at the factory level must be clearly defined and agreed with the manufacturer. It is important to establish those lines in the early phases. It is not our factory and what we are allowed to do may be restricted by the owners and management of those facilities. The program also needs to be scalable – the readiness of the manufacturer, the size of the production area, the number of workers involved, and the required production levels all affect how many personnel need to be assigned to the team.