Product Inspection (FQC)

Whether we are on-site conducting FQC (final quality controll) as part of the production process or arriving to inspect completed product prior to shipment, we would be conducting a visual, mechanical, and cosmetic inspection on your products.

All products require an Inspection Plan, which includes:

  • Sampling Plan and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)
  • Detailed production specifications and acceptability standards
  • Packaging standard
  • Inspection checklist
  • Golden Sample (known-good unit)

Report – We are inspectors and not simply photographers with a tape measure. You will receive a detailed report with the number of accepted and rejected units with measurements, high-resolution digital images, and recommendations for improvement.

We will work with you to prepare and approve the inspection plan so that the product meets your specifications and expectations. While conducting the inspection, we will verify count quantities and match the deliverables to your Purchase Order to the supplier.

Like auditing, we can schedule to be onsite anywhere in China within a week and usually within 24-48 hours within Guangdong province.