Incoming Material Quality Control (IQC)

Making sure your product is produced with the right materials is essential to the quality of your product, whether it is produced at your facility or done by a contractor.

There are options available from auditing the procedure is being followed at the factory to our on-site inspectors conducting the incoming material inspec

  • Audited Factory IQC - our auditor will verify that the factory inspectors have completed inspections according to procedure.
  • On-Site IQC – our inspectors at the factory audit incoming materials to verify the material supplier is on the AVL and the material meets your specifications.
  • Lab Testing – deliver materials to our facility for thorough testing then kitting.

We understand there are different models from consigning the materials to a contractor, giving the contractor purchasing control to an approved BOM and AVL, or allowing them outright BOM and AVL control. Whichever model you encorporate into your program, the materials have to be right.

Stories of substandard materials, unapproved alternatives and deviations, and even outright counterfeit materials being placed into YOUR product. Apply the right material control process to ensure the integrity of your products.