Finished Goods Testing

A very unique aspect to White Horse’s auditing services is our product and component testing laboratory which supports any testing that may, or may not,┬ábe done at the manufacturer. That’s right, an auditing company with its own in-house laboratory.

Product inspection utilizes mechanical methods to evalutate product quality. Our laboratory provides electrical, electronic and functional testing on a wide range of products to ensure conformance to your specifications. Same as inspections, need to define a test plan with each customer.

  • International Safety and workmanship standards
  • Before sending product for expensive certification testing, make sure the product actually meets the requirements
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL), CE, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Electro Magnetic Compatability (EMC)
  • Lead-free and RoHS material analysis

For every product, a test plan is required that includes the functions and parameters to be tested, test conditions, and pass/fail criteria. If you do not have a test plan available, we can help you prepare one based upon international standards, manufacturer specifications, and comparative performance.