Corrective Action Implementation

Real-time, on location problem-solving.

Our on-site inspectors, Engineering, and Quality Control teams work with your supplier to understand the material procurement, quality control, and production processes to root out the cause of the problem in order to implement effective containment and corrective actions.

We then verify their implementation, and monitor the process to ensure the correction effectively resolved the problem. We also have the support of our in-house laboratory for product testing for quantifiable data on problem resolution.

We don’t stop peeling layers off the onion until we know it’s clean. Problems are frequently more deeply embedded than cosmetic, but easy, solutions.

One example was a buyer of custom clocks, with pre-shipment inspection finding an alarming number of unacceptable units. The easy containment was to retest; however, the corrective action was to repair the poor workmanship of the PCBA that was resulting in shorted units and flat batteries. The poor workmanship was traced back to inadequate operator training in production and inspection who were not aware of the international standard for rejection criteria.