Container Loading Supervision

There are companies that have received one row of boxes packed at the doors and the remainder of the container was litterally boxes of rocks and who have had their products packaged and loaded poorly and, therefore, arrived and had been to the point they were unusable.

  • Having a team on-site to verify counts and packaging condition while your container is being loaded will ensure that what you ordered is what shipped. We will make sure that the condition of the packaging is suitable for international shipping and that the cargo is loaded carefully to avoid damage while in transit. Provide your packaging specifications in addition to product specifications. This service is available throughout China, and within the PRD with no travel costs.

Once the container is loaded and the doors sealed, we will sign off on the shipment and provide a photo-report so that, if anything arrives damaged, we know it was done by the shipping company. Shipping damage should be filed as a freight claim.

We will also assist with evaluating the shipping method for time and cost effectiveness. We can consolidate shipments from mulitple suppliers in our Hong Kong facility, where we can also conduct pre-loading inspection without the travel expenses.