United States Customs

Avoid Customs Clearance Delays

US Custom

The United States’ Customs has continued their heightened vigilance and are checking a higher percentage of shipments imported into the US. We have heard several companies report that goods shipped directly from suppliers have been delayed and even confiscated.

As one importer recently told us, “No one has the clout with Customs that a White Horse report does.

White Horse Laboratories has earned our reputation for accurate, impartial, detailed, and uncompromising product analysis and reports which reflect the real condition of the parts.

We understand that each company has its own protocol of inspection and testing, or may even be looking for guidance. White Horse Laboratories works with every client to design a product verification plan specific to their needs and requirements. These programs are a combination of External Visual Inspection (EVI), Decapsulation & Die Analysis, X-ray, and Electrical/Functional Testing.

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