Client Testimonials

White Horse Labs provides the best service possible to our partner clients by going beyond the devices delivered to us to actively working with our client companies to develop effective and efficient quality and logistics management programs for them. We don’t see ourselves as “just another test house” but as a strategic partner who is a virtual extension of your own organization.We continue to look for ways to better our services and our commitment to our clients, and value their input and feedback.That mission seems to be appreciated, as you can see below are just a few examples of our relationships around the globe.

Advanced MP Technology- Dev Rai, Former Purchasing Manager – APAC

Dev Rai

“White Horse plays a pivotal role in enhancing AdvancedMP’s APAC business. We use them for about everything – testing, baking, repacking, and inspection and even to solve potentially damaging disputes between ourselves and the customer or supplier. In the electronic trading business, most disputes are about quality of product and to have a neutral party analyzing and putting their expertise into the picture in indeed a very big help. Their staff is fully trained, the reports are very professional and everything is done according to JEDEC standards.

Smith & Associates Far East Ltd. - Cleat Kimbrough, Director of Operations

Cleat Kimbrough


“As a total solutions provider, Smith & Associates uses White Horse’s strategic locations and testing solutions to enhance our in-house testing capabilities.”




Rebound Technology Group Holdings LimitedSimon Thake, Group Managing Director

Simone Thake

Rebound decided to re-engineer its supply chain over two years ago, and searched the local PRC markets for a suitable partner to cooperate with in order to ensure a supply of top-quality products from the Far East. After evaluation of several alternatives we selected White Horse, who offered a range of testing services in both the PRC and Hong Kong.

After two years of cooperation with White Horse, we have successfully reduced our percentage of customer returns to a negligible level. Over and above the testing program, we have used White Horse to audit new suppliers before we engage in a closer business relationship. Here, too, the reports given are objective, concise and provide an excellent basis for decision-making.

During our cooperation with White Horse we were particularly impressed with the company’s integrity, service commitment, reliability, local market knowledge, and ability to listen. Without a shadow of a doubt, the engagement has proved to be most worthwhile in terms of enhancing Rebound’s image as being a supplier of top-quality parts, and has had a positive impact to our ‘bottom line’.