Hong Kong Logistics Facility

Our operation in Hong Kong is revolutionary. A 3PL who is a specialist in electronics and a test lab that has world-class logistics and 3PL capabilities!

Our Hong Kong packaging and logistics hub now boasts over 5,500 square feet of inspection, packaging, and storage capacity.

Have you received?

  • Parts with packaging unsuitable for shipment?
  • Product not properly protected from ESD and MSL exposure?
  • Parts that are not the same as the samples sent or even those that had been tested/inspected?

This facility has full packaging capabilities so MSL-sensitive devices with expired date codes can be resealed, tested for solderability, baked, and re-packaged (including tape & reel and dry pack) right in the same facility. Our expanded facility is the only ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 certified logistics provider and is staffed with our trained inspectors, packaging technicians, and engineer.

Do you have inventory in Hong Kong?

  • It no longer has to be shipped overseas for baking and re-taping.
  • Store product in a facility that has industry standard controls, such as ESD.
  • Re-packaged properly when shipping less than full packages.
  • Professionally inspect product prior to shipment.

For product stored in Hong Kong, we provide the first solution for re-packaging and inspection requirements.

Importing large volumes of of product to China incurs high import duties, agent fees, and courier costs. With our Hong Kong facility, we complete external visual inspection (EVI) on sample populations then transfer those samples to our Shenzhen lab for advanced inspection methods and electrical testing while the balance remain in Hong Kong in ideal storage conditions.

Those samples are then returned to Hong Kong where they are combined with the balance population and repackaged for shipment. This also maintains chain-of-custody, meaning you know that the parts being shipped are the ones that were tested.

Our transshipment operations make sure you can declare all shipments at full purchase value.