White Horse Laboratories has locations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen for the convenience of clients and their suppliers to reduce dead time while the product is in transit. In 2016 we opened a Sales office in Suzhou and on March 1, 2018, we opened a Sales Representative Office in Munich, Germany.

Our lab facility in Shenzhen is over 18,000 square feet. It is a limited access facility to reduce operational interruptions and eliminate opportunities for third-party influence on the accuracy and integrity of the results and reports being issued.

Our Hong Kong facility expanded to our new 2,000 square foot location in December, 2016. Expanded capabilities of external visual inspection, solderability testing, full repackaging including baking, re-taping, and dry-packing required a larger facility. The enhanced service availability in Hong Kong provides our clients with greater logistics and warehousing flexibility, including kitting and consolidation, with the security of our quality control services.



Hong Kong | Tsuen Wan

International Transhipment Logistics Hub, Packaging, Inspection

Suites 905/907, 9/F, Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre

220-248 Texaco Road

Tsuen Wan, NT Hong Kong

Packing List – Hong Kong


Shenzhen | Qinghu

Electrical Testing, Inspection, Engineering, and Packaging

18,000 square foot facility with a professional team of highly-trained, dedicated, and professional full-time staff. All processes are conducted in-house with our precision equipment. The facility is limited access, so please contact your Customer Service assistant to schedule a visit.

China Lab Packing List








Germany | Munich | Opened March 1, 2018!

Representative Office – Contact Jessica Rush for Sales inquiries.

Klugstraße 47A

80638 München, Deutschland

Phone: +49 89 215 4809- 60
Fax:      +49 89 215 4809- 65

German Rep Office